Patisserie Gateau is a bakery started by award-winning pastry chef, William Liang, in 2006. Inspired by French and Chinese traditional baking methods, William wanted to bring artisan baking methods to Toronto.

Chef William Liang began his baking career in 1994. He spent years working under renowned chefs in England, France, Germany, Japan and the USA. What has inspired William the most was the baking method he learnt in France. All cakes at Patisserie Gateau are infused with French designs and baking methods and they continue to delight customers with expert craftsmanship and creative designs.

Today, Chef William Liang is still actively managing the bakery. All cakes and breads are designed and baked under his full supervision. His focus on high quality ensures all our products are made in perfection. 

Awards won by our Executive Pastry Chef William Liang

  • 2004:  3 gold medals, 1 silver medal, ranked 3rd among competitors from 36 countries - Culinary Olympics in Germany
  • 2003:  Silver medal - Chicago Culinary Competition
  • 2002:  Gold and silver medals - Lindt Chocolate Competition
  • 2002:  Gold medal - Toronto Culinary Salon
  • 2001:   2 gold medals - Toronto Pastry Exhibition
  • 2000:  Gold medal - Toronto Pastry Exhibition